Join us in making an impact in Europe!


The Free Methodist Church in Europe

Join us in making an impact in Europe!


The Free Methodist Church in Europe

Where we are at work

Ways the Free Methodist Church is making a difference in Europe


Belgium: Central African church, multinational church, Hispanic ministry, church planting (Brussels, Oostende, Diksmuide)


Bulgaria: Church planting, pastoral training, micro-enterprise development, equipping youth, St. John’s Home for at-risk girls, work against human trafficking


France: Haitian church (Cergy)


Greece: Multinational church, refugee and immigrant outreach, work against human trafficking, prayer ministry (Thessaloniki, Athens)


Hungary: Church planting, English outreach, MOPS, support for at-risk children and youth, recovery groups, work against human trafficking, Life Skills Program (Budapest, Győr)


North Macedonia: Church planting, resourcing, pastoral training


Portugal: Church planting, School of Leaders, resourcing through publications, worship and marriage seminars (Lisbon, Corroios)


Republic of Ireland: Congolese church (Monaghan)


Serbia: Church planting, resourcing, pastoral training


Spain: Community Church Planting initiatives, Logos Learning Center, John Wesley Theological Seminary, expatriate church, church planting (Canary Islands, Madrid, Murcia, Barcelona)


Ukraine: Simple church, rehabilitation center, ministry to those affected by PTSD (Rivne)


United Kingdom and Northern Ireland: Established annual conference, resourcing partner with the FM ministries on the continent


Throughout Europe: The Impact Europe - L:10:E Network is a discipleship and church planting initiative based on the principles and teaching found in Luke 10:1-20.  L:10:E contextualizes the Community Church Planting (CCP) methodology of planting churches for the various cultural and political realities that exist throughout Europe. Read more about Impact Europe: